GIA certified diamonds are wise purchases

Denver Jeweler makes buying an engagement ring a special process

October 12, 2016

Many shoppers that are looking to create a diamond ring that is truly unique and special are now looking at loose diamond options. This can be more desirable for a couple of different reasons. First, when you purchase a loose diamond and then have it set into a ring, then you are going to end up with a piece of jewelry that is complexly different than any other piece of preset jewelry out there – and who out there doesn’t want their very own engagement ring that is different from everyone else’s? Second, you will find that you can often find that creating a ring from scratch can be more cost effective. The prices of loose diamonds versus the cost of a preset ring can be much lower, which can allow you to get more bling for your buck.

If you are just starting the shopping process for your loose diamonds, you will find that there is an overload of information out there. It can be overwhelming at first, but once you find a reputable jeweler you will see that the process is not as complicated as it seems to be. A reputable diamond jeweler, such as The Diamond Reserve, will offer a large selection of diamonds that are already GIA certified. They also will not try to oversell you or try to make you spend more on a diamond or piece of jewelry than you had originally budgeted for.

Many shoppers state that they would prefer to work with a local jeweler. One of the reasons that they prefer this is because then they feel like they are giving back to their local community by purchasing diamonds from them. They also feel that a local jeweler is going to be more trustworthy, and when they say that all of their diamonds are GIA certified and conflict free, they mean it. They have more to lose than a big chain company, so they work harder to earn your business and your trust. That is why a lot of shoppers in Denver like The Diamond Reserve. They are locally owned and operated by a husband and wife team and they have years of experience in the jewelry and diamond industry.

They are a great source for creating an engagement ring that will be special to you, but they also work in the jewelry industry as a whole and can help you to create a custom piece of jewelry for any occasion. So if you are looking for that perfect birthday or anniversary gift or any other special occasion, they will give you same amount of care and attention that you received when you were there selecting your diamonds for an engagement ring.

The process of getting engaged is a time that should be full of fun and excitement, so take the some of the stress out of the environment by selecting a diamond jeweler that can make the diamond selection process easy. Check out all of the things that The Diamond Reserve can offer to you today.

GIA certified diamonds are wise purchases

September 27, 2016

When you are ready to propose, that immediately puts you in the market for a diamond engagement ring in order to seal the deal with your loved one. You may not know a whole lot about loose diamonds now, but by the end of the shopping process you might feel like an expert! There is so much about diamonds that you need to know in order to make a wise purchase, but most of it is information that the custom jewelers have spent years learning about and perfecting. That is why working with a good local jeweler is an absolute must when it comes to selecting your diamonds. We spoke with a Denver Diamonds expert to find out some of the basics that every shopper should know before they begin to look for the perfect engagement ring.

Above all, you should never consider purchasing a diamond unless the jeweler can show you that it has already been certified. This shows that the diamond has been evaluated according to the 4 C’s and a report that outlines what they observed has been created and is available for you to look over.  This report is vital for a couple of reasons. First of all, it certifies that it is a genuine diamond. Second, as was mentioned above, it can be extremely hard to look at a diamond with an untrained eye and determine the quality of the cut, color, and clarity. Having it certified means that you do not have to put all of your faith in what your jeweler is saying about the diamond. You can also trust that a completely separate entity with no ulterior motives has evaluated and scored the diamond and that it has been priced accordingly.

There are different entities that can certify a diamond, but one of the most common and most reputable is the GIA certified diamonds. The diamonds that they review will hold their value better than diamonds that are not certified. Most if not all reputable jewelers will only stock GIA certified diamonds and will readily show you the paper work on any diamond that you are interested in. They can also walk you through the different checkpoints so that you can observe the cut, color, and clarity yourself (carat is left out because carat is the weight of the diamond, so this is not something that is observed so much as it is weighed.)

The cut will look at the diamonds brightness and finish and how much light it reflects based on the quality of the way the diamond was cut. The color will evaluate if there is any color present in the diamond (the best diamonds are absent of any yellow or brownish colors in them.) The clarity looks at any inclusions that are present in the stone, commonly referred to as flaws or blemishes that can effect the way light travels through the diamond. And the easiest to determine is the carat, which is the weight of the stone, every 200 milligrams is equal to one carat

Four reasons why custom engagement rings are so popular.

June 29, 2016

http://www.thediamondreserve.comIf you were to conduct a poll about the idea of marriage, you would likely discover some very interesting things. You would most certainly learn that when people think of the idea of marriage, one of the very first things they think about are diamond engagement rings. Engagement rings and wedding bands are completely synonymous with the idea of marriage, so much so that when you do a word association with marriage ring is one of the first things that most people can think of. The tradition of giving the person you plan on marrying an engagement ring started a very long time ago, and it was such a great idea that people continue to do it today. An engagement in 2016 really isn't official until someone gets down on one knee and puts that ring on your hand.

There are many different theories about how engagement rings got started, but the one thing that is for certain is that they are wildly popular. Of course, it's custom engagement rings that have really started to steal the show as of late. Instead of buying a ring that anyone could have gotten from any store, people instead are opting for custom rings that have to be made specifically for the person. Here are four reasons why they have become so popular.

1. Originality. There are now roughly seven billion people on planet Earth, and a huge percentage of them are going to wear a diamond engagement ring at one point in their life. Thus, when you're buying a standard ring from a common jewelry store, you're buying something that literally millions of other people might wear one day. While this doesn't bother some people, there are plenty of people out there who want to feel more important or original than that. By purchasing a custom engagement ring, they get to have a ring that no one else in the world has. It's a great way for someone to show someone else that they truly are unique.

2. Personality. One of the reasons why custom engagement rings have become so popular is because they are an opportunity for someone to show their own personality. They allow people to capture something that's unique about their relationship and show it on the ring. For example, if a person loves music, a guitar or piano could be engraved onto the side of the ring.

3. Show it off. People love showing off their engagement ring, and when it's a ring that no one else will have ever seen, all the better.

4. Get what you really want. The final reason why they've become so popular in recent years is that people are able to get exactly what they want. Rather than settling for a certain ring, they can instead design the exact kind of ring they've always dreamed about.

The key to getting this kind of custom engagement ring is finding the right company to design and craft it. In Denver, Colorado, that company is The Diamond Reserve. Stop by their location to see for yourself.


Coming up with the best engagement ring

March 29, 2016

The way that a lot of people shop for diamonds or for engagement rings can be rather stiff. There are so many outside forces that change the way that we want to go about shopping for an engagement ring. Everyone has an option on what kind of ring is the better kind of ring, what kind of stone is the better kind of stone and how much you should spend on the whole thing. The diamond and engagement ring experts at The Diamond Reserve want to change this though. They in fact pride themselves on their efforts to try and change the way that people go about buying diamonds and buying engagement rings.

engagement ringThey start by offering a one on one consultation to everyone who walks through the door. During the time, they will listen to you and figure out what kind of engagement ring is going to be the best possible match for exactly what you are looking for and exactly what her tastes are. For the engagement ring experts at The Diamond Reserve, the most important thing is to find a ring and a stone that is going to be the perfect fit for her. During your consultation, the two of you will figure out together what kind of stone you want, after all not everyone wants a diamond anymore, then they will figure out what specific stone is going to be in your best price range as well as be absolutely stunning. If they don’t have the perfect stone in stock right then and there, they will find it for you. You never have to worry about going into a store and hoping that they have the perfect stone there for you. With the custom jewelers at The Diamond Reserve, they won’t rest until you have the perfect stone.

Once you and the engagement ring expert at The Diamond Reserve have figured out which stone or stones are going to be the perfect fit for your engagement ring, you will move onto the setting or the ring part of the planning. You can either pick out of the number of beautifully designed engagement rings that The Diamond Reserve already has in stock or you can come up with some ideas on your own and the engagement ring specialists will help you make that design into a reality. The surprising thing is that designing your own engagement ring might not be as expensive as you think. The jewelers at The Diamond Reserve work hard to keep their prices low on ever side of the scale and so you never have to worry about paying too much for your engagement ring. After all, the engagement ring that you choose should be special because it is a symbol for your relationship and your commitment to one another, not because it is probably one of the most expensive things that you have ever bought in your life. How much money you have spent is not what is important when it comes to engagement rings but rather your love that you put into it.

Men should wear engagement rings, too.

January 22, 2016

Traditionally, a proposal usually plays out with the man in the relationship getting down on one knee in some romantic location and presenting a little satin box with a sparkly diamond engagement ring to the woman he loves as he asks her to marry him.  She is typically surprised and excitedly happy about the gesture.  Hallmark and Lifetime movie producers aside, many are saying it is time for this scene to be kicked up a notch.


One of the things that some believe should change is the fact that only the woman wears a symbol of the relationship until the wedding ceremony when he is presented with a band.  Sure they love showing off their new bling that was so lovingly picked out by their boyfriend turned fiancé.  For one thing, more women are going with their men to pick out the piece of jewelry they will wear for the rest of their lives.  In fact, some are even contributing to the cost and assisting their beau’s by paying some the money needed.

A better idea is that, instead of contributing to the price of her own custom engagement ring, she should buy him one of his own.  After all, they both love each other and don’t they both deserve a symbol of that love and commitment?!  The store that is now Macy’s tried to market this idea prior to World War II and it flopped.  However, now may be the time to try it again.


More women than ever before are holding down jobs outside the home.  In fact, many bring home more money than their spouse.  There are more men choosing to stay at home with the kids while their wives work.  Women have become equal on so many fronts and continue to push for equality on so many others; however they are primarily the only ones that wear a sign or symbol that says they are in love.  Many women believe that the ring while their ring says they are in a committed relationship, the one that presented it is free to flirt and look without anyone knowing he is in the midst of planning a wedding.


Another important reason that there should be more men wearing engagement rings is that  same-sex marriage is no longer taboo.  It is legal throughout the entire country and people are embracing it.  Therefore, when a man wants to propose to the man he loves, he often has difficulties finding the right ring or symbol to present when proposing marriage.


The male version of the engagement ring or the mangagement ring is not as flashy as the traditional female version.  It is similar to the wedding band he will receive at the marriage ceremony.  Since most jewelers do not carry a line of mangagement rings, it will probably have to be a custom engagement ring made from a titanium, gold or platinum band.  Some have small diamonds embedded, while others have designs and/or important dates etched into them.  While the ring itself is not elaborate, the gesture behind it is.

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